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Collect with Amber

Amber is a web application used to design forms and collect case report data in clinics, assessment centres or in the field. Using Amber, studies can design and administrate advanced questionnaires with skip logic, validation and versioning, avoiding error prone manual data acquisition.

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Store and Document with Opal

Opal is the OBiBa’s core database application for epidemiological studies. It is used to build study's central data repositories that integrate under a uniform interface data collected from multiple sources. Using Opal, studies can import, validate, derive, query, report, analyse and export data.

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Analyze with R and DataSHIELD

Rock is a R computation engine that can sit behind an application for providing statistical analysis services.

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DataSHIELD enables advanced statistical analysis across a network of Opal databases without the need of pooling and accessing individual-level data. This is a powerful tool for studies that can’t share data for common ethico-legal reasons but still want to co-analyse in-depth their data in an extensive way.

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Publish with Mica

Mica is a web application used to create web data portals for epidemiological studies or consortia. Mica includes modules to create study catalogs, searchable variable dictionaries, online data access request forms and to query remotely datasets stored in Opal databases.

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Manage Users with Agate

Agate is the OBiBa’s central authentication server. Agate is also used for its email notification services.

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What is OBiBa?


OBiBa is an international project committed to build open source software for epidemiological studies. As part of the Maelstrom Research program, OBiBa software suite is developed in close partnership with large-scale studies and supports the entire data management lifecycle including data collection, integration, harmonization, sharing, and analysis.

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An integrated suite of applications

OBiBa applications are fully interoperable and offer a comprehensive and integrated software solution for both individual studies and networks of studies that aims to build a federated database infrastructure.

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if you are using OBiBa software, please cite our work in your code, websites, publications or reports and let us know at

The work presented herein was made possible using the OBiBa suite (, a software suite developed by Maelstrom Research (

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