collect Agate 2.10 Released

We are pleased to announce that Agate 2.10 is now available. Agate is OBiBa’s central user profile server.

This release offers the possibility to enforce users to set up their two-factor authentication (2FA) secret key. Two enforcement policies are available:

  • Authenticator app only: user must register its secret key in an authenticator app. This is the recommended policy as authentication requires separate devices.
  • Authenticator app or code sent by email: the temporary code is sent at user's email address until its 2FA secret key has been registered in an authenticator app. This policy can be used as a transition phase until the 2FA procedure is fully enforced.

Note: 2FA enforcement policy does not apply to accounts defined in delegated OpenID Connect realms (e.g. case of Agate delegating authentication to a Keycloak server).

This release was possible thanks to the funding of the Leiden University Medical Center - LUMC .

See also Agate documentation for installation and operation instructions.