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What is Onyx?

Onyx is a web-based application that manages participant baseline interviews at assessment centres or clinics. As depicted in Figure 1, an interview is represented as a set of interdependent stages that participants have to go through in order to complete their visit (consent form signature, health questionnaire, biosample collection, and so on). Onyx stores the data collected during the stages centrally and makes it available to all workstations.

Typical biobank assessment centre Onyx has been developed to collect data from 300,000 participants for the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow (CPT).
Figure 1: Onyx is a web application that centralizes interview management and data collection at an assessment centre. Click the diagram to enlarge.

Onyx controls both the order and availability of the interview stages (for example, no stages are available prior to the informed consent is signed) and captures many administrative parameters such as the starting and ending times of each stage. Onyx also manages a participant appointment list and reception of participants, as well as data filtering and encryption prior to export to a central study database (see Opal).

What Onyx Can Do for You

Onyx is designed to ensure that data is collected in an automated, efficient and secure way in order to minimize human errors and interview length. Onyx can optimize the workflow of your baseline interviews by:

  • Managing appointment lists and walk-ins
  • Controlling stage availability and dependencies (examples: requiring consent before an interview can proceed; dependent measurements)
  • Capturing administrative parameters such as starting and ending times of each stage
  • Managing participant consents (electronic and handwritten)
  • Administering health questionnaires electronically
  • Facilitating collection of biosamples (barcode scanning)
  • Automating physical measurements
  • Producing personalized reports for participants
  • Exporting encrypted data to multiple destinations

To learn more about what Onyx can do for your biobank, see the features page.

A Highly Customizable Software Solution

Onyx is modular as shown in Figure 2. The Onyx engine is a backbone to which independent data collection components can be connected in order to manage the various interview stages. Biobanks can configure Onyx for their own specific stages and data collection software. The modules currently developed by the Onyx team for the CPT cohorts are highly customizable and ensure that Onyx can be adapted to meet specific needs at each stage.

Onyx structure

Figure 2: The Onyx engine provides the main functionalities (shown in yellow). Onyx modules (orange hexagons) collect data for the different stages of an interview. Click the diagram to enlarge.

Onyx is FREE

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