Analyze with Rock

What is Rock?

Rock is OBiBa's R analysis server. This application provides all the necessary tools to manage R server analysis sessions and is used as the computation engine of Opal.



Rock is a server application that provides a REST API to execute R operations on server side in the context of a stateful R session. Rock can be discovered or can self-register to build clusters for performing distributed computations.

  • REST API, see for instance rockr for a Rock client R implementation,
  • Stateful R sessions, based on Rserve
  • Secure, thanks to its integration with RAppArmor
  • Scalable, thanks to a service discovery and self-registration system.

Being Interoperable and Reusable, Rock follows FAIR principles for reproducible science.

For more details read the Rock Introduction documentation.



Rock is a Java-based application, so it should run on any platform for which a Java Virtual Machine is provided.


Detailed installation instructions can be found in Rock Installation Guide . We provide packages for Debian-based systems (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) and Fedora-based systems (Fedora, CentOS, etc.). Docker images are also available and can be a good option to get a reproducible R environment.

For Debian-based systems, see instructions in our Debian package repository .

Rock [latest] (.deb)

For Fedora-based systems, see instructions in our RPM package repository .

Rock [latest] (.rpm)

For Docker images, see instructions at Docker Image Installation documentation.


Once Rock is installed, it can be configured to match your needs and environment. Please follow the instructions provided in the Rock Configuration Guide .

Try Rock

To have a closer look at Rock try our demo site using the rockr R package:

  • username: administrator
  • password: password