collect Opal 2.9 Released

We are pleased to announce that Opal 2.9 is now available. Opal is OBiBa’s core database application for biobanks.

This release offers the possibility to integrate genotypes data (as files in Variant Call Format ) into Opal and make genotypes extractions combined with phenotypes data.

  • import/export of genotypes data in VCF (or BCF for the binary flavour) format, by using bctools, tabix and bgzip utilities,
  • basic statistics on VCF/BCF files,
  • possibility to add samples description (sample, case control) and association with participant,
  • extraction of participant genotypes matching some phenotypic criteria (ex. get all samples of alcoholic women older than 50 in VCF files).

Note that this feature is available as a plugin, Jennite VCF Store which must be installed separatly: see Opal Plugins Installation instructions .

This presentation explains the new features:

See Opal documentation for installation and operation instructions.