collect Opal 2.6 Released

We are pleased to announce that Opal 2.6 is now available. Opal is OBiBa’s core database application for biobanks.

The main new features are:

  • improved performance: parallelization of read and write operations as much as possible,
  • identifiers database can use the tabular SQL schema,
  • support of MariaDB databases,
  • R/DataSHIELD workspaces: R server session can be saved and restored,
  • R files API: Opal files can be pushed to/pulled from the R server session,
  • R data API: any R object can be sent from the R client session to the R server session.

To benefit from the new R/DataSHIELD functionalities, the R opal package is to be upgraded as well (at least version 2.3.0). See Opal R package installation instructions.

See Opal documentation for installation and operation instructions.