collect Opal 2.15 Released

We are pleased to announce that Opal 2.15 is now available. Opal is OBiBa’s core database application for biobanks.

A new user interface has been added for managing the R packages that are installed on the server side: single package installation/removal, bulk update of packages, download of the R server log.

This release is also the continuation of the support of external identity providers based on the OpenID Connect by introducing Personal Access Tokens. These tokens are a new way of authenticating in a Opal server from a script (written in R or Python for instance). The advantage to using a token over putting your password into a script is that a token can be revoked, and you can generate lots of them. The scope of the access granted to the token can be restricted by projects, operations that can performed on these projects and system services. Tokens are a more secure alternative to using username/password credentials and are also the only option for accounts that are registered in a OpenID Connect compliant identity provider.

This release was possible thanks to the funding of the EUCAN Connect program.

See Opal documentation for installation and operation instructions.