collect Opal 2.12 Released

We are pleased to announce that Opal 2.12 is now available. Opal is OBiBa’s core database application for biobanks.

Thanks to the support of the Canarie program, this release introduces a datasource plugin service interface that allows to import data:

  • from a file (for instance SPSS ),
  • from a database (for instance Limesurvey ),
  • from an application web services (for instance REDCap ).

Plugins are available from our plugin repository . Please contact us if you want to develop and refer a new plugin.

Other notable features are:

  • the identifier mapping (at import and export) applies to variable values declared as being entity identifiers (referenced entity type property),
  • SPSS missing discrete values and ranges are now mapped to missing categories, both at import and export,
  • system log files can be downloaded from the administration pages,
  • users with "Add table" permission can import data,
  • SSL connection with MongoDB is now supported,
  • user ban policy has been added (temporary ban after several login failures).

See Opal documentation for installation and operation instructions.