collect Mica2 5.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that Mica2 5.1 is now available. Mica is OBiBa’s data web portal for epidemiological studies and harmonization initiatives.

This release includes the following data access requests new features:

  • Preliminary form is a new type of form to be enabled for providing most of the research project information and to get a formal approval before its funding is secured. The main form is then to update these information once the funding process is finalized.
  • Collaborators can be added by the applicant to the data access request. Each collaborator gets read-only access to the form(s) and receives related email notifications.
  • End-user agreement is a new type of form to be enabled for adding separated agreements to the data access request: each collaborator and the applicant must fill-in their personal end-user agreement.

Note that the new data access request forms require an upgrade of the Agate server (2.8+) so that the corresponding notification emails are defined.

This release also includes some security updates:

  • MongoDB driver upgrade: latest java driver is used (4.7 at the time of release). No database upgrade is required, as this driver is backward compatible with older versions (see MongoDB Java Driver Compatibility Matrix )
  • Sign-out: the sign-out procedure now cascades the logout action to the external Identity Providers. For instance, if a user authenticates in Mica via an external ID provider (using OpenID Connect), this ID provider session's will be automatically ended after the Mica's one is ended.
  • Many library dependencies upgraded, fixing some potential security issues.

This release was possible thanks to the funding of the EUCAN Connect (Coral integration) program, and to the contribution of MIREC and Maelstrom Research .

See Mica documentation for installation and operation instructions.