collect Mica2 4.6 Released

We are pleased to announce that Mica2 4.6 is now available. Mica is OBiBa’s data web portal for epidemiological studies and networks.

This release introduces the following features:

  • Use of Plotly Graphing Library in document and search pages.
  • Added Start Day and End Day fields in Data Collection Event when data collections occur several times in a month (bi-weekly).
  • Batch publishing/indexing of datasets that are directly related to a study.
  • Data access request forms (main, feasibility and amendment) have revisions: it is now possible to modify a form without affecting the older data access requests. Forms must be published after being modified to be operational.
  • A list of variables can be attached to a Data access request form. This list can be modified while the request is opened. These variables can then be download as Opal views to facilitate the requested data extractions.
  • The cart can now contain studies and networks. Documents can be added when navigation in each study/network page, or from the search result. From these carts, documents' full description can be downloaded for internal usage (content analysis).
  • Several studies (resp. networks) can be compared with each other: one column per study (resp. network), one row per field of interest. This comparison page can be fully configurable. The comparison can be launched from the search page or from the cart page.

The following main templates have been modified:

  • data-access-form.ftl: addition of the attached variables.
  • data-access-amendment-form.ftl: addition of the attached variables.
  • data-access-feasibility-form.ftl: addition of the attached variables.
  • cart.ftl: addition of the cart of studies and of networks.
  • variable.ftl: addition of link to the data access request.
  • study.ftl: addition of the cart button.
  • network.ftl: addition of the cart button.
  • search.ftl: modification of the download and the cart buttons, addition of the comparison button.

The security of the Mica server has been enhanced:

  • Redirect: requests with redirect parameter are verified.
  • Cookies: have Secure, HttpOnly and SameSite flags.
  • CSRF: Cross Site Request Forgery attempts are detected and blocked.
  • Content sanitization: user provided content sanitization to protect from code injection.

This release was possible thanks to the funding of the EUCAN Connect (Coral integration) program, and to the contribution of CARTaGENE and Maelstrom Research .

See Mica documentation for installation and operation instructions. Note that a Docker Image Installation section has been added.