collect Mica2 4.5 Released

We are pleased to announce that Mica2 4.5 is now available. Mica is OBiBa’s data web portal for epidemiological studies and networks.

This release introduces the following features:

  • Option to use an Opal Personal Access Token for Opal authentication in place of a username and password.
  • New annotation column in downloaded list of variables.
  • New Card display with statistics, search and sort fields in Network, Study and Dataset listing pages.
  • New harmonization status Partial to describe variables that could generate DataSchema with possible loss of information. The harmonization status legend has its own separate template: models/harmonization.ftl.
  • New graphical summary statistics section in Network public detail page.
  • Best efforts are done to get clients' IP, despite the reverse proxies, so that it appears in the web services resquests log (rest.log),
  • Dependency on Google fonts service removed, so that pages work in restricted environments.

The following main templates have been modified:

  • dataset.ftl: addition of the harmonizationLegend macro section.
  • datasets.ftl: modification of the datasetCardModel macro section.
  • network.ftl: addition of the graphical summaries section.
  • networks.ftl: modification of the networkCardModel macro section.
  • search.ftl: data collection event checkbox changed for a switch widget in the coverage display.
  • studies.ftl: modification of the studyCardModel macro section.
  • variable.ftl: addition of the harmonizationLegend macro section.

This release was possible thanks to the funding of CanPath (data cataloging) and the EUCAN Connect (Coral integration) programs and the contribution of Maelstrom Research .

See Mica documentation for installation and operation instructions. Note that a Docker Image Installation section has been added.