collect Mica2 4.3 Released

We are pleased to announce that Mica2 4.3 is now available. Mica is OBiBa’s data web portal for epidemiological studies and networks.

This release introduces the following features in the public pages (pages of the published content):

  • Crosstab, the page for performing contingency table analysis within a dataset.
  • Cart, a cart to store selected variables when browsing the portal (from variable, dataset or search pages).
  • Contact Us, the page to send a contact request to the administrators and data access officers.
  • Project, the page to display the details of an approved project.
  • Variables classifications, a chart to display the coverage of a taxonomy by the variables annotations. Available at the network, study or dataset level.
  • File browser, to navigate and download the files associated to a network, study, population, data collection event or dataset.
  • Search graphics, to visualize the results of a query as geo, pie or bar charts.
  • Search download, to download the results of a query.
  • Search query copy, to copy the query string, for the R or Python API.

This release also introduces the following features in the administration pages:

  • Revision Comparisons, now provide difference highlighting and selective restoring.
  • Document Listings, introduce an improved search and sorting.

See Public pages configuration in the Mica documentation for the details on how to configure and customize your data portal front-end.

Mica server can be run in a context path: the server URL can now be and not just in a subdomain such as

This release was possible thanks to the funding of CanPath (data cataloging and data access requests) and the EUCAN Connect (Coral integration) programs.

See Mica documentation for installation and operation instructions. Note that a Docker Image Installation section has been added.