collect Mica2 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that Mica2 2.0 is now available. Mica is OBiBa’s data web portal for biobanks.

Mica 2.0 now offers the possibility to configure the data model of the documents (network, study, datasets) that are published in the data portal. This is a major improvement that has many consequences on the data and the web portal:

  • document type configuration: network, study, datasets fields can be configured using a schemaform specification. This is an extension of what was already available for the research projects and the data access requests.
  • document search criteria configuration: as the document fields can be customized, it is now possible to configure the associated taxonomy so that proposed search criteria match the custom document fields.
  • document portal template: as the document fields can be customized, the web portal (i.e. Drupal) templates must also match the modified data models.
  • document type permissions: it is now possible to specify both edition permission and publication access right per document type.

Make sure to backup your installation as Mica2 server upgrade from 1.5 will affect the data: the server will automatically upgrade the data model and re-index the published documents. Default configuration is the data model specified and used by Maelstrom Research . For the Mica Drupal modules and theme, see upgrade instructions .

See also Mica documentation for installation and operation instructions.