collect OBiBa in the CRAN

OBiBa R packages are now published in the official Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN):

  • opalr is the Opal R client with DataSHIELD utils,
  • micar is the Mica R client.

We will keep the OBiBa's CRAN active for the DataSHIELD packages.


This new Opal R package depends on a more recent and modern cURL library binding (httr in place of RCurl which is not maintained any more). This is the recommended package for performing plain R operations (backward compatible with the original 'opal' R package), e.g. when performing data harmonization with R.

Please note that this package is not suitable for DataSHIELD operations (only the functions for the configuration of DataSHIELD in Opal are available). The reason of this is that the DataSHIELD operations (login, assign, aggregate etc) are in the process to be moved to a DataSHIELD Interface generic package (in order to prepare the ability to connect to other data repositories).


This package allows to connect to the Mica administration server (distinct from the public web portal) and make studies, variables etc. extractions (combined with search queries). Data access requests can also be retrieved. Reporting with R on Mica data is now possible.