OBiBa Infrastructure


Our development workflow follows the Agile principles with continuous integration. In order to reduce the amount of time dedicated to the maintainance of the development infrastructure, we are relying on Saas offers.

Issue Tracking

The former Jira system has been replaced by GitHub repositories issue tracker. For each of our applications or libraries, you can refer to the corresponding issue tracker, for instance:

We are also using ZenHub for managing issues in a Scrum dashboard.

Continuous Integration

The former Jenkins system is now replaced by Travis continuous integration system. Compilation jobs are triggered on each Github commit or pull-request.


The maven and debian/rpm packages repositories are now provided by JFrog:

  • Artifactory for maven snapshot artifacts,
  • Bintray for released packages and maven artifacts.

See debian/rpm packages instructions at:

The debian/rpm/zip packages can also be directly downloaded from Github releases pages:

The R packages with their documentation are available at R packages repository.

The plugins index is visible at Plugins repository.

The docker images are available from Docker Hub.


The former Confluence system has been replaced by Read the Docs services. You can now refer to the following product documentations: