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What is GenoByte?

GenoByte is a Java API for storing and querying data resulting from the aggregation of high-throughput genotyping experiments across many subjects.

The volume of such data is huge. Today's genotyping experiments can report 1,000,000 SNPs for every sample on a chip. Since studies often compare genotypes of thousands of individuals, we end up with a matrix with something in the order of 1010 elements.

Holding this data in a way that allows efficient querying and statistical analysis is the challenge that GenoByte addresses.

GenoByte was developed at the McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre to accomodate the needs of the Genotyping Platform which handles such volumes of data routinely for its customers. Existing approaches for handling this data were becoming too slow. By introducing GenoByte in the in-house system substantial performance gains were achieved.

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